Home Movie Theater System – What Makes the Difference?

We all love watching movies in theaters. Most of us have gone through this experience at least once in our lifetime. It’s fun watching your favorite stars on a big screen and amazing sound effects. The movie theater is carefully designed in a way that will entice you to come again and get that thrilling experience by spending cash with your friends. Because of the special design environment it feels like you are a part of the movie.

Now with the advancement of technology it is possible for anyone to set up their own “home movie theater” easily with little knowledge. Most people think that it is an expensive affair. But I am going to show you how easy it is to set up your own system even if you are tight on budget.

The secret behind this is simple! All you have to find out that what are the elements of a www.haytheatre.com real theater that create that dramatic effect and replicate them in your home on a smaller scale or at least on a scale that your budget will allow.

So what makes the difference?

1) The picture quality

2) The sound system

Let’s have a closer look

1) The picture quality – The TV that you use for a home theater decides the picture quality of you theatre. In a real theater this creates a big impact. Imagine Spiderman flying around on New York streets! with larger than life images. It feels real and thrilling. So picture size is important here.

Now obviously this does not mean that you must go out and buy the largest TV in the market. Big is not always the best for a home theatre.

Why is that? Because in a real theater the size of the theater room itself is bigger too. A real theater is designed in a way to accommodate a large group of people easily, so that must have a big projection screen. A home theater is a private affair and you don’t have a big TV to get that experience. However as a recommendation a minimum of 27inch TV is fair enough for your own system.

2) The sound system

This is the second factor that decides the thrilling environment in a real theatre. A home theater system will come with 3-4 speakers to create the same effect. If the room is bigger then even 6 speakers that contain a subwoofer for finer effects can be used. These speakers are detachable and are arranged in all corners of the room for creating a “surround sound” effect.

So from users point of view if you are looking for some help on setting up a home movie theatre, than always remember that spending more money is not always the best option. If you want to at all spend some money on then investing in good quality sound systems is a great option.

Alternatively also consider enhancing the effect from “interior design” point of view. If you have a separate room, then decorating this room for some extra mood creation goes a long way as far as final experience is concerned.

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